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The credit of foreign banks, better known as Swiss Credit, is a useful aid in credit problems. Although Germany currently has the lowest interest rates, the requirements for a borrower are comparatively high. There is no alternative to the credit check for a loan from Germany. The credit bureau information and the entry of a loan can not be circumvented with loans from German banks.

The loan from foreign banks – to whom is the offer directed?

The loan from foreign banks - to whom is the offer directed?

Applying for credit from foreign banks can be useful for a variety of reasons. Often, credit problems are the trigger for finding a Swiss loan. Having a bad credit rating certified can already have the simplest causes. A common reason are department store loans.

The loan amounts are small. A loan was actually taken only because the loan offer was much cheaper than to use in the Dispo. Actually, the loan should also be long since done, after the reminder, finally, the forgotten last installment was transferred immediately. To really forget something, that can happen to everyone. True, it can happen to anyone once, no one can really speak of it. For many mail-order companies, forgetting has a big impact. The credit bureau gets a negative entry.

This does not delete automatically, just because the bill was paid. In most cases this requires your own actions. The cancellation must be submitted to credit bureau, subject to proof of payment. Unfortunately, there can be problems even then.

The offer for the credit of foreign banks is aimed precisely at this group of people.

Swiss credit can also be granted without credit bureau.

Swiss credit can also be granted without credit bureau.

For Swiss loans, there is often the choice. They can be granted with credit bureau, this concerns the information and the entry of the granted credit, but also without credit bureau. Those who only have a problem with the credit bureau, but not with demonstrable solvency, have good credit opportunities.

The credit of foreign banks, not to be registered with the credit bureau, brings advantages in the credit rating for further loan projects. Especially those who are planning a house construction, for whom the personal credit worthy of cash. A small loan, which can be paid quickly, should not affect the credit rating. The possibility to let him really not register is only with Swiss credit.

Who gives out Swiss loans?

Who gives out Swiss loans?

The loan is offered by foreign banks through credit intermediaries on the Internet and daily newspapers. Behind the loan offers are reputable banks from abroad. The application for the loans can be made in the same way as for banks from Germany via the online procedure. The payment can be directed to the checking account, but also hidden as a cash payment. Loans without credit bureau are only possible as a loan from foreign banks.

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