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How to take a loan? – Payday loan

If this situation lasts longer than 60 days, you can get to BIG. What does it mean? Does it close your way to credit or payday loans? Are there payday loans without BIG and KRD and loans without BIK?

What exactly is payday pay?

What exactly is payday pay?

Payday loan is a loan granted outside the banking system by non-bank institutions or private individuals. Most often, lenders will not verify your credit history in databases, which means that even if your history is not perfect, you can use the payday loan.

The rules for granting such loans are governed by the Civil Code, not banking law. You can spend the money you want as you like, and a payday loan agreement for a small amount can be made orally. Instant cash is a loan for a while, you pay it back quickly, so don’t get into too high amounts.

The payday loan definitely has its advantages. For people whose data is in debtors’ databases, they are often the last resort.

Wait moment – what do you have to watch out for?

Wait moment - what do you have to watch out for?

When deciding on payday pay via the Internet or payday payday as proof, you must remember a few basic rules.

  1. Loans – payday loans are usually the result of some sudden need, but don’t sign the contract without reading it carefully. If you do not understand any entries, ask for clarification.
  2. Before choosing a borrower, compare offers – the easiest and fastest way to do it is with the help of our comparison engine.
    See the current ranking of quick non-bank loans!
  3. Do not borrow very high amounts, because payday installments on the internet may be too high. Borrow only as much as you can give back. In addition, with high amounts of quick payday loans, formalities can be more complicated.
  4. Loan applications for loans without bases are usually processed very quickly. Often, after a quarter of an hour you sign a contract, and after another money you have on your account / wallet.

The process with online payday loans, i.e. online payday loans, takes a little longer because you have to wait for the courier who will deliver the contract to you and then hand it over to you. However, if you do not need money here and now, it is certainly a more convenient form of dealing with formalities.

Non-bank loans without BIK – how do they differ?

Non-bank loans without BIK - how do they differ?

  • private loans – this is a commitment that you can take out with an individual. Most often it is just payday evidence, without bases.
  • social loans – these are online payday loans without BIK, which you can take through websites that match people looking for and granting loans.
  • long-term loans – incurred for a large amount, with repayment in installments. Also online.
  • pay-as-you-go cards – an ID card and income statement are sufficient to conclude the contract.

For whom a loan without BIK?

For whom a loan without BIK?

A loan without BIK is a financial liability intended for persons who:

  • they have a small backlog of loans or installments
  • are struggling with a negative credit history at the Credit Information Bureau
  • they have low scoring, so they don’t have a chance to get a bank loan

Loans without databases, loans without BIK or loans without BIG) are products for people who still have a fairly stable financial position.

Payday loan and BIK

Payday loan and BIK

By borrowing money without BIK, you will not weaken your creditworthiness. This is because the Credit Information Bureau is used by the same institutions that provide information to it. If you pay the debt later, the annotation will be next to your name. But if you pay the installments regularly, this will also be noted in the report. This will make it easier to apply for a loan in the future.

Payday loans for free

Payday loans for free

If you’re afraid of costs, I have good news for you. New payday loans often offer customers who use their services for the first time a free first loan. Thanks to this, you will be able to borrow the money you need to cover the budget hole for free. So if you are looking for the best payday loan for yourself, start with companies for which you will be a new borrower.

Credit despite job change

Challenges of having a loan despite of changing of job

Challenges of having a loan despite of changing of job

A loan despite job changes is often not easy to get. This is especially true if the bank is aware of the job change and if the borrower is still in probation. During this time the protection against dismissal does not apply. This means that the existing salary can be eliminated at any time. The period of notice during the probationary period is generally two weeks.

Despite all the difficulties, no one who needs a loan despite a job change should give up prematurely. There are some lenders who can also give credit for a planned job change or probationary period. The most important requirement, however, is that the borrower sees himself able to pay the monthly installment on a loan despite changing jobs. If this is not the case, it is better to discourage a loan.

Line of credit

Line of credit

Many people have a credit line in the checking account. This loan is usually set up whenever there is a regular income. When changing jobs, however, the banks are cautious, if a credit line has not yet been passed. Often, the credit line comes from the time in which the employee was in his old job. It is also usually not deleted if there are no irregularities and if the salary payment in the new job seamlessly follows the salary payment from the old job.

The amount of the dispo credit depends on the personal requirements. Thus, in many cases a credit line is common, which is about twice or three times the monthly salary. In many cases, those who start a new job and have not had a credit line will not receive it until the probationary period has ended and a permanent employment contract has been concluded. If the conditions for a credit line are no longer met, the bank can cancel it at any time. This will especially do them if the salary goes away. If it decreases, the credit line is adjusted accordingly in many cases.

If the junk loan persists, it can be an excellent way to get a loan despite a job change because it is always available. Also, no purpose must be specified. In any case, you should make sure that you correct the credit line as soon as possible, or at least significantly reduce. Otherwise, it can easily lead to problems with the bank, which you should avoid urgently, especially at the time of a job change.

Installment loans

Installment loans

Most banks require a fixed income if you want to get a loan. There are several ways to avoid the difficulties that can arise when changing jobs. It makes sense to conclude the loan agreement at a time when you are still in your old job and this job is not yet terminated. However, this raises the question of whether this approach is morally justifiable. This can be answered yes if you see yourself able to pay the regular monthly loan repayments for a loan despite job changes. Once the bank has approved the loan, it first and foremost ensures that the agreed monthly loan installments are received on time.
For this reason, you should urgently avoid being in arrears with the payment of credit installments. Then there can be trouble with the bank.

If the job change has already been completed, it looks a little different. No problem is borrowing when the probationary period is already over. Then you have a fixed income that can be used as collateral.
During the probationary period, you have the option of securing the loan through a co-applicant or a guarantor. However, this person should have a permanent job and not have changed jobs as well. Otherwise, the bank will refuse the guarantee and also by co-application, the credit rating can not or only slightly improve. Another possibility would be to take a small loan. However, it would be very important to clarify beforehand which bank can grant such a loan despite changing jobs. Alternatively, a personal loan is available.

A personal loan can in many cases be a loan despite job changes. Private lenders are primarily interested in whether future borrowers appear trustworthy. This may be the case despite a planned or already completed job change. Especially people from their own circle of acquaintances often have an understanding of their own situation and are therefore often willing to give a loan despite a job change, as long as they see fit to do so.

A personal loan can also be obtained via a credit intermediation portal on the Internet. There are various portals to choose from that have already existed for several years and have been able to successfully broker numerous personal loans. These portals are characterized by their serious approach and their competence. Registration on a reputable private lending portal is always free. Besides, they are not obliged to anything. You have the option to stop your loan and wait for a private lender to contact you. With it you can negotiate the loan conditions individually. No specifications are made here on the part of the credit portals.

Private credit intermediaries

Private credit intermediaries

Many people who find themselves in a financially difficult situation and still need a loan, turn to a private credit intermediary. Under certain circumstances, you can receive a loan in this way despite job changes. However, no one can promise this. Who does this anyway, is dubious. The same applies if you are asked to pay before the loan approval. In addition, it is not necessary to conclude a home savings or life insurance policy in order to secure a loan despite changing jobs.

A reputable private credit intermediary is usually very familiar with the supply of credit at home and abroad. So he can very accurately estimate if you have the chance to get a loan. The higher your income is, the greater the chances are. The chances are particularly good if the salary payment in the old job seamlessly follows the salary payment in the new job.
A loan despite a job change is often transferred to the current account. However, it may also be paid in cash. The repayment is made in installments that are payable monthly.


Company loan – what can be included in costs?

A corporate loan facilitates starting a business and supports its development, but also a burden. Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you have new ideas to extend the scope of services? Check how to reduce your credit burden.

Decide on a business loan for any purpose if you need cash to finance your business. We suggest which part of the loan can be included in costs.

Company loan – how to reduce the financial burden?

Company loan - how to reduce the financial burden?

Fears of problems with paying off a company loan effectively prevent you from starting your own business or taking bold steps related to its development. You too? Well, the entire company loan is not a tax deductible cost, but the interest portion is treated as an expense.

You can deduct all fees associated with granting or servicing the loan. Getting a loan is not always easy, because it all depends on your creditworthiness, and this, in the case of companies just entering the market, seems a difficult barrier to overcome. If you’re just starting out, take a business loan for starters. You will deduct the cost of the loan for losses as you would any other company loan.

Which company loan should you choose?

Which company loan should you choose?

The start loan is for companies in the early stages of business development. This means that it can be used by young entrepreneurs who run a business for no more than 6, 12, sometimes 24 months – it depends on the individual arrangements of the bank. Among the offers for companies, credit for new companies is an increasingly emerging product. At a later stage of business development, it is easier to access other types of loans such as:

  • Working capital loan for companies.

Provides financing for day-to-day business expenses. It is helpful when there are problems with timely settlements with contractors, but also allows you to purchase the necessary goods, inventory or means of production.

  • Investment loan for companies.

It is used to finance investments related to business development. It may cover the purchase of real estate, equipment or materials. To take advantage of the offer, you must provide the bank with financial documents and an investment business plan.

  • Overdraft facility.

This is extra money on your company’s account that you can use at any time. Interest is calculated only on the amount used, and each repayment means that you can use the same money again. It is a convenient loan for small businesses.

Company loan – interest as the basic cost

Company loan - interest as the basic cost

If you are looking for the right financing for your business, you are definitely looking at the interest rate on business loans. The higher the interest rate, the higher the interest – and this, with large amounts, puts a heavy burden on the budget. However, you can reduce the cost of credit for companies because you have the right to include interest in the costs of doing business, which will reduce the amount of tax.

The tax deductible expenses are only interest that has been paid. Therefore, the interest rate on business loans does not have to be the lowest in order to be profitable for you. Remember that the loan cannot be used for purposes other than conducting business.

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If company loans are intended for the purchase or construction of real estate, it must first be put into service so that you can write down.

Company loans – commissions and other fees

Company loans - commissions and other fees

Low interest rates on loans do not always mean the cheapest loan for companies, because its cost is increased by commissions and other bank charges. The good information is definitely that all fees associated with taking a loan and paying it off can be included as operating costs.

Credit insurance is also deductible – provided it is not the life insurance of the borrower. If you pay a loan commission for the purchase of a fixed asset, you will only deduct it when the fixed asset is put into use.

This will come in handy: Calculate your credit standing with the help of a calculator

Until then, the commission increases the value of the asset, which translates into an increase in depreciation charges. Before making your final decision, it’s a good idea to make a simple business loan comparison to select the best offer available.

Corporate or consumer loan?

Corporate or consumer loan?

Not very good credit history and low profits from your business means that when you apply for a business loan you can hear a refusal. If you have financial problems, you can reach for non-bank offers, because credit for indebted companies is a rare product in banks.

Unfortunately, non-bank loans have a high interest rate. In quick- loan institutions you can get a loan for companies without certificates, but you have to take into account very high interest rates and a relatively short repayment period.

Is there another way out? Yes. One alternative is to use consumer credit for individuals, which is easier to obtain. You can count it as operating expenses, provided that it is actually used for business purposes and properly documented.

Credit from foreign banks + small monthly installments + long term



The credit of foreign banks, better known as Swiss Credit, is a useful aid in credit problems. Although Germany currently has the lowest interest rates, the requirements for a borrower are comparatively high. There is no alternative to the credit check for a loan from Germany. The credit bureau information and the entry of a loan can not be circumvented with loans from German banks.

The loan from foreign banks – to whom is the offer directed?

The loan from foreign banks - to whom is the offer directed?

Applying for credit from foreign banks can be useful for a variety of reasons. Often, credit problems are the trigger for finding a Swiss loan. Having a bad credit rating certified can already have the simplest causes. A common reason are department store loans.

The loan amounts are small. A loan was actually taken only because the loan offer was much cheaper than to use in the Dispo. Actually, the loan should also be long since done, after the reminder, finally, the forgotten last installment was transferred immediately. To really forget something, that can happen to everyone. True, it can happen to anyone once, no one can really speak of it. For many mail-order companies, forgetting has a big impact. The credit bureau gets a negative entry.

This does not delete automatically, just because the bill was paid. In most cases this requires your own actions. The cancellation must be submitted to credit bureau, subject to proof of payment. Unfortunately, there can be problems even then.

The offer for the credit of foreign banks is aimed precisely at this group of people.

Swiss credit can also be granted without credit bureau.

Swiss credit can also be granted without credit bureau.

For Swiss loans, there is often the choice. They can be granted with credit bureau, this concerns the information and the entry of the granted credit, but also without credit bureau. Those who only have a problem with the credit bureau, but not with demonstrable solvency, have good credit opportunities.

The credit of foreign banks, not to be registered with the credit bureau, brings advantages in the credit rating for further loan projects. Especially those who are planning a house construction, for whom the personal credit worthy of cash. A small loan, which can be paid quickly, should not affect the credit rating. The possibility to let him really not register is only with Swiss credit.

Who gives out Swiss loans?

Who gives out Swiss loans?

The loan is offered by foreign banks through credit intermediaries on the Internet and daily newspapers. Behind the loan offers are reputable banks from abroad. The application for the loans can be made in the same way as for banks from Germany via the online procedure. The payment can be directed to the checking account, but also hidden as a cash payment. Loans without credit bureau are only possible as a loan from foreign banks.